Ball Run

Ball Run is a new exciting running game at kizi games for kids. In the game. You will control a little ball running on a dangerous path full of obstacles. Be careful! The obstacles will appear in front of you and above you. The rule is that once your ball encounters an obstacle, the game is over immediately. Everything goes at a high speed. So, please stay focused, keep your eyes to observe and act promptly.

Good eye-hand coordination will be the key to master the game. Besides the obstacles, you will also meet harmless and may be useful objects. And it is necessary to know what they mean. The 2X symbol allows you to perform double jumps. The Red circle symbol means that your ball will be protected by an invulnerable shell which can hit the obstacles without fear of being stopped.

And if you get a symbol of two-way arrows circle, the game field will be turned with the upside down. This will be a fun experience, but it may be difficult if you are new to it. This game is an endless adventure. Everything is up to your skills. The further you run, the higher your score is. Then, try to go further and set records. Good luck and have fun!

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Instruction to play

Use your mouse to play the game on the computer or tap to play it on the mobile phone.