Squid Runner Game

Squid games are becoming a trend around the world. Immediately after this movie came out, there were many versions of the game inspired by this movie. One of the most loved games is Squid Runner Game. This game has graphics inspired by a red shirt and black hat character's escape. This character is one of the assassins with many professional skills and can defeat any enemy.

In this race, your character will have to go through a life-and-death race with a series of death traps everywhere. This is a never-ending race and the challenges will appear continuously. You will not have any time to prepare and must run continuously at a high speed. In Squid Runner Game, I firmly believe that every player will be conquered at first sight.

The graphics of this game are extremely impressive and attract the attention of players. Sharp and vivid images and stimulating sounds all give players a feeling to conquer all challenges in this race. The speed of Squid Runner Game is also extremely fast with constantly flying obstacles. They can appear in the basement, in the sky, or fly past your character. Control your character carefully and collect as many diamonds as possible on the way.

You can use it to increase speed, buy skateboards or get extra lives in the race. Does it all make you feel interesting or not? Don't forget to explore more with games similar to Slice a lot. Are you ready to become the best player in Squid Runner Game? 

Instruction to play

You can use the mouse to play, or the arrow key, WASD to control your character in the game.