Worms.io Multiplayer

The world of Worms.io Multiplayer will bring you back to the place filled with the creepy crawlies who are fighting to be the last one standing. Your job in this game is to grow as big as you can by collecting colorful spears and glowing dots around the place. As soon as you consume food, your character will grow bigger.

By becoming the longest worm, you can absorb the other smaller players on the real-time map and continue to progress further in this Kizi io game. It's not just about defeating smaller worms and surviving in the game because you will have to conquer the bosses as well. Can you see the clock on the left corner of the game screen?

This clock shows you how much time you have left before the boss strikes the map. Using all of your skills in your advantage in order to consume more dots and grow to a significant size before that happens. The higher your scores are, the more skins you might be able to unlock. Three important criteria that you need to pay attention to in this game at kizigames.games are the strength, the length, and the skills gained.

The list of players' names on the right side will be updated constantly. Will your name show up on the top spots or not? Show your flexibility with other special games such as JigsawPuzzles.io and BigfoxWarz.io from this collection. 

Instruction to play

Move and navigate using the mouse cursor

X key to use skills countdown to the boss.