Drift City.io

Drift City.io is another intriguing game. In this game, you need to gather every one of the vehicles in the entire city. The principle undertaking of this game is that Collect greatest vehicles at a specific time. Before you, your vehicle will be noticeable on the screen, which will start to move around the city. Your vehicle will be blue. He will rush along the street continuously getting a move on. You, directed by the guide, should drive a vehicle to pass turns of differing intricacy. Turn into the greatest float vehicles posse around! Gather every one of the vehicles around. Be the best. Annihilate your adversaries and be above all else. Join the greatest test now!

On your way, vehicles of the very same tone as yours will run over. You should contact them. Accordingly, you will compel these vehicles to follow you. Assuming that you meet the very same group of vehicles of an alternate tone, slam them. In the event that there are a greater amount of your vehicles, you will claim this entire horde of vehicles and get focuses for it.


- Attractive illustrations and engaging plan components

- 3D perspective on the game zone for a supported rush

- Adventurous fun car racer game

- New difficulties at consistently

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Instruction to play

Move your finger zig zag on screen to direct the car to move