Rectangular Path

Do not touch any walls this will cause you to stop the game immediately. So you need to control your marbles to move wisely. How can you get it to a safe location in the game Rectangular Path. That is what you need to turn around in time. If you encounter a turn, you need to quickly turn left or right to be able to dodge or it will crash right into the wall.

Try to keep your controller only going in this path and not hitting any obstacles at all. Give it a high score the more you move. The game requires you to combine your observation skills and skillful hands. Don't miss any chance it will make your score worse. Let's help the marble move in the most accurate way. Turn around in time and look for safe opportunities.

Otherwise, it hits the wall then you will have to stop the game at any time. Don't let this happen. Unlock tons of levels next, there will be obstacles below that are giving you trouble as well as more walls appearing. Try your best for a safe rectangle to the finish line and don't be defeated by the pitfalls ahead. Move fast to enjoy your high score in front of you.

Why in such an interesting game Rectangular Path you do not share for all your friends along with your friends. Participate in the game to share the relaxation from the game gives you. You can fully enjoy a few more similar exciting adventure game genres like Heart Box

Instruction to play

Use mouse to make your wall turn.