Jewel Crush

Jewel Crush's journey will take you to explore different levels that diamonds of the same color will disappear on the screen. This game at is loved by many players. Each level has different tasks. You need to make some diamond colors disappear that the game requires. If you do not complete the mission, you must restart this level.

This challenging journey helps players get the way to connect diamonds together during mining. 3 diamonds of the same type will disappear when you arrange them together. Increase the number of diamond connections of the same color to achieve a high score in your game. We extend new theme games for players to move and explore when they have free time. You will not be bothered by ads or game loading speeds when joining any of our games Online Games. A new space leads you to useful and interesting levels.

Surely you will be addicted to this game and want to share with your friends to see who wins the most levels. The next level will be much harder. Therefore, you need to consider each move to make the final decision in your game. Will players complete the challenge the fastest today?

Show off your special skills in this game and explore other exciting game worlds that we have updated at the website like Military Cars Puzzle and Word Search Game. You will have a choice of favorite game to join in your game list. 

Instruction to play

Use the left mouse button to move the diamonds of the same color