Destroying a village in the shortest time is unique to the game LA REX at kizi adventures. Join now! Good luck! Do not miss the opportunity to join a game with extremely ferocious dinosaurs. This is a free online game that you can fully participate in your computer or mobile phone. Your goal in this game is to control the carnivorous dinosaur and destroy all the vehicles in circulation here. A peaceful city.

Suddenly the dinosaur monster came. Control it to dash towards the people trying to escape from this dinosaur's pursuit. Run fast and aim at the target. Eat them now. There are also vehicles in circulation. You need to hurry up and use your mouth to flip cars and eat people. Transform into dinosaurs extremely fierce. Do you love this quest?

You can destroy everything without worrying about destroying this person. Feel free to do what you want in this game. With extremely simple but special graphic design, the sound is dramatic. You will be fascinated by the game for the first time. If you like fighting and destruction games. Do not miss the opportunity to experience more right now into the game.

All of that is only in the game LA REX. Why is such a thrilling game that you are not recommending it to your friends and inviting your friends to join right now in the game to control a giant dinosaur erasing all both? Don't forget to challenge yourself to some other interesting game genres like Stickman Street Fighting 3D and Gun Master 

Instruction to play

Used to eat meat all.