WormRoyale.io is a cool battle royale game that you can play here on kizi games. You must control a vibrant colored worm and vie for power against the other worms on the battlefield. The worms are getting bigger but the arena is getting smaller. Who could possibly survive such a catastrophic situation? Could it be you? Do you have what it takes to slither your way through a hex covered future map and collect jewels to grow large? 

bbbbStart a match as a tiny little worm breaking out of its egg and start moving around looking for orbs to eat and grow as much as possible to defeat other players. Avoid hanging around the borders of the field too much, because the limits will start shrinking from time to time, and your game will automatically end if you touch them. Try to be the last worm standing in this cool WormRoyale IO! Have fun!

You increase your size by eating the food scattered around the map - each piece you eat increases your size by one. Once you are bigger than other worms, you can easily eliminate them! Can you become the last worm standing and avoid the danger zone?

Share this fun game with your friends and invite them to play. With vivid graphic design, you will feel great to fly in the air. If you love the game you can play more games like Slither.io at http://kizigames.games/ for more fun experiences. 

Instruction to play

Move your mouse to control the worm's movement. 

Press left mouse button to boost speed.