Shower Run 3D

Shower Run 3D is a fun comfortable parkour adventure game which is playabler. The game is simple to play: accumulate bath bubbles while moving slowly that slow you down. As you run, use your mouse or finger to slide left and right, grab the soap, let one to be soaked by water, but also let yourself be dried by the gusts of air, but prevent unnecessary the various obstacles what so ever costs, as you may forfeit if you run into them because many times.

Instead, if you are enthusiastic and clean so much at the end of a run, individuals will be able to walk up the bonus stairs and probably even reach the top, where the finish line is. A ton of fun awaits you now and here, so get started, have fun, and don't forget to remind your friends about it!


- Interesting genre gameplay!

- Beautiful and vibrant graphics!

- Simple to use interface!

- Simple to use controls!

The opportunity for you to experience some other games similar to Hidden Birds. Invite your friends to join this game and you will have many relaxing moments in life. 

Instruction to play

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