Spike Rings

Get ready for the challenge with the Spike Rings online game now. Would you like to get started now. Do you want to challenge your patience talent or not. You will do everything well. What would you do if you were hanging on a dangerous rope? A bracelet will be hung on the rope. That is the story in this game. What are you waiting for? You will join the game and look for a lot of new things. Ready to start all of that.

Look for the rules in this game. An interesting casual puzzle game that has a spike round and also has a bunch of lines on the start page. You will encounter different pointed circles and backgrounds and different directions. Gradually, the speed of the game is increased making you confused. A ring hanging on the string will appear on the screen. But you need to balance it so it doesn't touch the rope. How to do that? You will do the things you truly love. You will click to adjust the bracelet up and down.

The rope will start to get angry, it will swing high to prevent the necklace from standing at that position. You will have to move the necklace the way the rope gets angry. Follow the direction of the rope or you will lose. Vivid graphic design, the necklace, and the rope will be the enemies of each other. Please try to keep them from ever seeing each other. How many challenges you will overcome depends on your ingenuity. You will complete all missions well in this game.

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Instruction to play

Come on: Use the mouse to play the game.