Police Car Parking

Police Car Parking free game is a one-player game that you can play here on best kizi Games. You will feel so proud and confident while driving them for sure. Your task is to drive your vehicle around the city and find a parking space. During each parking challenge you must drive through the streets and attempt to park your police car as quickly as possible – you cannot hit any other object or vehicle otherwise your score will be diminished and you may even fail the level completely. 

There is a small green arrow showing you the direction to look for the right place. You can upgrade your car if you complete our levels. Collect police cars as many as possible! You are given a number of lives. When you crash into an obstacle, you will lose a life. If you lose all lives, you will die, then the game. You can restart straight away. Try hard! 

As you progress you can unlock new and improve police car models including some awesome sporty versions. Can you complete every level and prove your worth as a parking expert?

If you are attached to this game, play it and explore other great games such as Free Rider Jumps at kizigames.games. Introduce the games to your companions. Enjoy and send your comments to us. We really appreciate them. Don’t forget to rate them highly!

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