Zombie Shooters

A brutal war will appear now in front of you. Do you have a way to win this war? With your one wise skill. You can be confident and join now in the game Zombie Shooters on a small desert town. In this action game, you need to use all the laws of physics to be able to destroy the enemy. The zombies they are standing still. Their position is not simply that they are very high or they are protected by obstacles.

It's difficult when you only have one gun that you need to kill all these Zombies as required by the game even more. This game is also very fast. When the time is over you have not finished killing all these zombies then you will become the loser player. Please observe and use your intelligence to aim accurately ahead to be able to destroy a lot of zombies. The number of proteins and games given is limited. You cannot shoot carefree.

So you need to use the gun correctly. Need to aim at the position of the standing zombies and take their lives as quickly as possible. Earn for themselves and a high amount of money. The later, the more Zombies will be. You need to destroy some of the obstacles ahead. Then let them move in the other direction and to the location of the Zombies. You can't shoot directly but can destroy Zombie and in front of it are countless pitfalls. Be an excellent player leading the leaderboards with your clever survival skills and great hands.

Write all the bad zombies to unlock the next level for you. It's fun when you can play this game Zombie shooter with your friends to destroy all the Zombies and bring yourself relaxation after stressful working hours. Why don't you explore a few more interesting game genres like Idle Lumberjack 3D

Instruction to play

use mouse to be able to aim all the zombies most accurately.