Incredible Monster

Incredible Monster is a cool fighting game that you can play here. You take control no one other than the Incredible Hulk, Marvel’s most brutal superhero, to destroy criminals and monster terrorizing the city. Run, jump and punch you way through the dangerous streets packed with evil attackers and take them down as fast as possible. Read carefully your mission at the beginning of each level and complete it to unlock the next one. Earn money to unlock new monsters and finish all the missions of this cool Hulk smash game. Much time!

Engage in this battle simulator to win strategic war scenarios. Killing in the city is like bird slaughter. Enemies are dropping the bodies like wood in timberland. Used to be a pearl island, this city turned into ashes with the heinous attacks of coward enemy. Attack the enemy like super shark and destroy them. The beast of a monster, our lead is a strange hero when it comes to saving lives of people.

To eliminate the gangsters and bring the common people reign, monster kill Sharp shooter must take action. Arms race among the deadhead criminals gangs, counter attacks each day. Sacrifice of blood and life is out of the question now. Modern Strike against the arms strike must become fruitful venture. 

Discover the nature around you in a special way and complete all the tasks in this new game. In addition, you also have the opportunity to choose favorite games from the same list with this game such as Kung Fu Sparrow and Impostor Zombrush

Instruction to play

Use the Arrows / WASD to move

Mouse to view / punch

Space to jump

Shift to walk