Street Ball Jam

Street Ball Jam is a one-player game that you can play here. If you love sports, this game is for you. Your mission is to shoot the ball through the basket. You will make dunks like a real NBA athlete. Street Ball Jam online game must be a good choice to refresh your mind and wipe out pressure.

You choose one of two players. One player wears a green shirt while the other wears red outfit. The court is a sunny beautiful beach. Let’s shoot some hoops with Street Ball Jam, a very simple but awesome Online Street Basketball Game for Kids. Control the guy simply by tapping and holding the screen to make him jump and let go to throw the ball. Your goal is to set the perfect height for the dude to score as many times as possible within a limited time. Make combos to earn some extra seconds and keep going until you set the highest score ever. Unlock new balls and earn diamonds buy cool courts on many different places. Enjoy!

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Instruction to play

Use the mouse to move the ball upwards