Traffic Run

The simple control mechanism, simple rule and easy to play but hard to master, Traffic Run 2 challenges your driving skills as well as your patience in the busy road. Crossing the road is not easy, especially in the rush hour. In this challenging driving mission, you must drive from the start to the finish line without causing a single car accident. To conquer every level in this game, you must read these following tips.

At kizi game, patience is the key to success. You must patiently drive to the traffic and take the change to move through the gap between 2 cars. However, sometimes it’s better to across the entire road in one go instead of stopping for each car in the busy intersections. you can play slowly but steadily or enjoy satisfy your desire of speed by speeding up and drive your way to the finish line.

Each car is moving on the road with different speed. You can earn more points with Near Misses. It means you come close to the back of the first car and the back of the second car. This trick for advanced players. It’s dangerous but cool and awesome.

On, time your move to be successful. Break and drive at the right time. You should expect that the difficulty increases as you level up. Along the way, you can collect coins and use them to buy new cars. New cars don’t bring you any extra advantages. Have a safe drive! More games related to car and speed are waiting for you, especially Dockyard Car Parking and Dirt Bike Rider 

Instruction to play

Click to drive, release to stop.