Happy Superhero Racing

Happy Superhero Racing is is great for everyone that takes inspiration from Mario Kart. During the game, however, you get to drive cars owned by superheroes and transformers! Shoot a missile rival, use boxing gloves, or make a shield so nobody can hurt you. What's new and unique? So you can drive with a super hero and one special power allows you transform yourself. Just like the movie Transformers. Your vehicle is transformed from an ordinary car into a robot that can run. Get super speed and unlimited power. Complete tasks. 

Your can has numerous abilities and can even transform into an awesome robot that can help you dash through the track at increased speeds! Look out for other power ups that are scattered on the track to gain an advantage over your rivals. Can you conquer the track and become the top superhero racer?

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Instruction to play

Press left or right arrow to steer

Press left mouse button to use an ability