Knock Em All

Knock Em All is a super simple yet addicting first-person shooter game. Its easy-to-master controls and amazing gameplay mechanics will keep you hooked for hours. Here, your target is dummies trying to take your life. Don’t let them approach you. Shoot them down from afar. Jump from platform to platform and try your best to destroy all dummies and reach the final platform to clear each level. Don’t worry about running out of bullets. Bullets are unlimited. In this amazing kizi shooting game, the mission is complete only if you kill all enemies and reach the finish area.

You can defeat enemies in several ways. Firstly, you can shoot at their head to kill them with only one shot. Secondly, you can shoot on their body and push them off the platform. Finally, you can shoot at the bombs near them to blow them up. Also, do you see a lightning symbol on the right of the screen? When you shoot at enemies, that lightning will charge up and once it’s full, you will have 5 powerful bullets which can kill enemies with one shot even when you shoot at their body instead of their head.

Meanwhile, your life will be taken if you get caught by enemies. After every 10 levels, you will deal with a boss. You get coins with each successful level and with collected coins, you can upgrade the strength, power, and fire rate of your existing weapons as well as buy new ones. Is that fun? How much time do you need to clear all levels? Let us know! Besides, make sure you explore a wide range of fun games on our site. Each time you visit action games, you can find several choices including new additions. Here are our suggestions for you Find Alien 3D and Real Football.

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