Metal Army War Revenge

A racial identity of confrontational aliens has established their framework in the depths of the forest. In Metal Army War: Revenge, you must assist your two characters in destroying this base. The forest that both of someone heroes are located in will will be clearly visible on the screen in front of you. You will use the joystick to control both heroes' actions at the same time. To gain an advantage, they need to advance with weapon systems.

On their journey, the characters will begin to experience traps that they'll need to overcome. You must use the rocket launcher after having to confront the robot. You will destroy your opponent and earn points for it if you shoot accurately. This same items you must capture may fall away from the robots after individuals die.

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Instruction to play

  • Player 1 moves and jumps with WASD, hits with C, throws grenades with V, uses Q-E to switch weapons, presses the two keys at once for a special attack, and X to reload ammo.
  • Player 2 will use the ARROWS to move and jump, L to hit, K for grenades, O-P to switch weapons, O+P for a special attack, and J for ammo reload.