Warscrap.io is an intense third-person shooting and defense game that you can play here on kizi for kids! Defend the machines against enemy invasions together with your fellow fighters. You get a warning when an enemy is attacking one of your machines. You can buy new guns and characters with the energy that you receive during battle. Good luck! 

This warning comes as a text prompt on the screen.   Your weapons are restricted to firearms and a sword. The sword is a nice touch. It allows the character go full medieval when the firearms aren’t enough to deal destruction to any foe. You earn more XP as you kill more enemies.

Join up with other players from around the globe to form a team. Your team has to defend itself, its facilities and its territory from other alien teams and also fight off waves of killer robots at the same time. You must ensure they do not take over your territory as you fight to defend yours and take over theirs simultaneously. However, detecting foes is easy as you receive a warning every time an enemy is in your vicinity. 

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Instruction to play

Use the WASD to move

L to lock/unlock mouse

Space bar to jump

Right click to switch weapon

Left click to attack

E to open shop menu