The zombie apocalypse has begun, the world is filled with bloodthirsty zombies. A handful of brave humans are doing everything they can to survive. You are one of those humans... Survive the zombie apocalypse madness in at kizi for boys. Get new weapons and try to survive as long as you can. 

Take on the role of a brave hero armed with a knife standing by himself on a farm packed with evil bloodthirsty zombies and other dangerous players who will do anything to be lead the match. Shoot the crap out of all attacking undeads and each and every player that crosses your way before they get to harm you. Collect weapons, health kits and boxes of ammo to keep on going in this cruel nightmare. The player with the higher score at the end of the match wins. Have fun with Deadwalk IO!

But Beware! This is an online MMO shooter. The zombies aren’t going to be the only thing trying to kill you. Other players from around the world are signed in, armed to the teeth and on the hunt for suckers. Hunt lest ye be hunted! Remember; when you stare into the cold undead eyes of your zombie opponents you're not really so different than them. Just give it a few years or one bad move on your part.

We urge you to be brave and overcome the fear to win this game. There will be fun moments while conquering this adventure. Other games on the website are also for free such as

Instruction to play

Use the Arrows/WASF to move

The mouse to aim/shoot

Hold Space to jump

Press Shift to roll 

{1-5} to weapons