Draw Park

Parking is one of the skills that must be learned. You can drive well but not necessarily park well. Let’s see how many parking situations you can master in Draw Park. This game is a great combination of a driving game and a puzzle game in which your main mission is to park every car appear at each level. However, you won’t do it like the way you do as usual. You draw to parking. It means you draw a line from the starting point to the destination. Then the car auto moves in the line you drew.

Puzzle elements are most evident in the later levels as you have to park more cars and the situations become more challenging. On kizigames.games, the line that you draw doesn’t need to be straight but it must be seamless. Besides, you need to draw a line that makes the car surpasses every barrier and obstacle. The straight line has no length limit, so create the perfect path to bring the car to the final destination safely.

One thing to keep in mind is that at levels that require you to park 2 cars, these 2 vehicles need to reach the finish line at the same time or at least not too much time difference. You have to manage the way you draw and the time these cars start moving.

It’s hard at the beginning and after a few tries, you will become a master. Put your problem-solving and driving skills to a test, then try out other options available for free on our site such as Speed Car Racing Game 3D and Parking Jam 3D

Instruction to play

Draw by using your left mouse.