Kingdom Survivor

Shooting games are always one of the extremely interesting games and attract a large number of players in the world. Kingdom Survivor is also one of the great choices for you to show your talent and fighting spirit. In this game you will have a chance to become the bravest hero. Your task is to destroy all animals such as bats, enemies, zombies or obstacles on the way. They will appear everywhere and attack you continuously.

Their attack speed is extremely dangerous and fast. Therefore, you need to focus on observing and shooting continuously when they appear. Your enemies can appear from all sides, so you shouldn't shoot at one spot on the screen. Instead, you should change the direction of the shot continuously and try to shoot accurately at the target to complete the mission as quickly as possible. Like Kingdom Survivor, you can conquer some similar games like Egg Wars and Shot For Hire to show your talent.

In addition, you will have a blue column on top of the character to represent the character's life time in the game. If you are attacked by enemies, your life time will be less, so you need to avoid bullets from enemies and stay alive as long as possible in this game. You are ready to discover the most exciting shooting game on the planet in Kingdom Survivor at shooting games. Let your friends show your fighting spirit and shooting skills. This game not only helps you relax, but also trains your skills in observing and attacking enemies. What are waiting for?

Instruction to play

You just need to use the mouse or touch the screen.