Stickjet Challenge

Stickjet Challenge is a rather challenging game that you can play here on kizi games for shool. You control a stickman who wears a jetpack on his back. Your goal is to us his jetpack to make him fly from platform to platform avoiding all red objects. So, whether it’s a trap or just the ceiling, avoid touching the color red and you will be fine. How many levels can you complete collecting all 3 stars on your way? It’s not as easy as it might sound. Enjoy!

Stickjet Challenge offers 60 stagess with increasing difficulty, completing them all with the three stars will be a difficult challenge that will require concentration and perseverance! If you accidentally touch an obstacle, you must start the level from the beginning. This is not only true if you have already passed the checkpoint. 

In addition to the above mentioned obstacles, there is one more pitfall, because the level itself is bounded from each side and you cannot fly where you want. All these elements create a fun, but also challenging game, which you will certainly spend tens of minutes.

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Instruction to play

Use the mouse click to play