Witch Magic Aacademy

The amazing thing is to admire the rapid transformations. All will be in the online game Witch Magic Aacademy. Unique opportunity to play the game and experience something special. Nice to be able to do cool stuff like that. Are your friends excited? Invite them to join you and try your hand at morphing. They will surely love it. Imagine you are participating in the wizard academy.

There are many wonderfully crafted items here. We will be making morphing potions, but to do that we need to collect all the necessary herbs and elements, if you don't order the right ingredients you might not like these what you turn into. You can then save your shapeshifting body as a collectible card. You will go through each step in the production process. You need to collect all the right icons on the screen in the mess.

Once we have the furniture in place, we will begin the stage of growing and processing a variety of herbs including plants and flowers. You will practice a lot of work in the online game Witch Magic Aacademy. You will prepare the soil, select the seeds, then plant the seeds and water them. The work is very quick because we have the morph potion to create plants and flowers. Just like that and you will plant as many things as you want.

Let's start with the simple things. In the wizarding academy, everything happens quickly according to its rules. Very interesting task. Vivid graphics, sound create realism. Everything is so perfect. Collect some other games similar to Interstellar Run  to invite friends to play. 

Instruction to play

Game control: Use the mouse.