Castel Runner

Endless runner games never get old and it becomes a popular genre of many players around the world. With quick play, addicting setup, and easy controls, this becomes an accessible genre that almost anyone can play. Here at Kizi addition games, a new member has just been added to the endless runner game family called Castel Runner. It’s quite different from the famous choices that you may have played. You will not run on the familiar 3-lane road but run through a maze filled with tons of deadly obstacles.

However, you have a special skill that helps you jump in the air to avoid these dangers but if you don’t master this skill, it will push you at risk. Let’s check your mission one more time. Your main objective is to run as far as you can until any of these obstacles make you stop. So try your best to achieve the highest possible score.

Also, you always can play once again. On, you have no power-ups or upgrades. You just run and pick up stars to earn more points. This game is fun to play alone but it will be better if you compete against someone. This makes the game more competitive. So why don’t you invite one of your friends or members of your family to play with you? This must be a great experience.

Not only this game, but you guys can also play together in many games such as Big Game Hunting and Smart Looter. They are also amazing. New adventures are always here waiting for you with something enjoyable and exciting. Check this out! 

Instruction to play

Use your left click to jump.