Shape Adjust

One of the speeds and quick mind games helps players train their brains. Join your friends to join the online game Shape Adjust now. You will do well a lot of the rules of this game. Moreover, you will be proficient in more control and movement skills. What are you waiting for? Start playing the game and don't miss the chance to explore it. We will start with a lot of important rules.

To win this game, you need to master the principle. Next, you need to have a lot of agility skills. Quickly swap shapes into correct shapes to pass! This game will test your attention and speed. Use the SpaceBar or LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to change shape. You will start with many difficult puzzles.

Imagine objects with many different shapes such as circles, triangles, cubes ... they want to pass through those positions, they must have the same shape to pass. So with the given puzzles, you need to change the shape to fit the locations along the way. If you change it right then those shapes will pass over the given positions. Not too difficult to master the rules of this game. But you need to be fast and accurate to swap out very quickly because the moving speed of the blocks is very fast.

If you are slow, you will end the game very soon. Show your agility in the online game Shape Adjust at It's great if you can join some other game similar to Pond Race and Alien Slide

Instruction to play

Use the space key or left mouse button to change shape.