Makeup Artist 3D

Makeup Artist 3D is a beauty game for girls. There are no ugly women in the world, only lazy women. Congratulations! Now you run a beauty salon that includes makeup removal, acne removal, eyebrow shaving, and other businesses. Upgrade store decoration and cosmetics to give your customers a better experience. Enjoy the fun of beauty! You will find the game very fun because our girls are all very fond of beauty. Your mission is to learn how to serve the women who come to your spa shop. They come and return will be more different.

You need to upgrade your skills and learn more beauty techniques to make the girls around you more beautiful. Enjoy the online game Makeup Artist 3D at girls games. You learn how to manage a spa, instructing your staff to do it from very specific stages. Your spa has its very own beauty treatments. You will manipulate them step by step to improve the defects on the girls' faces. You will remove makeup to remove dirt, gently wash your face, then take acne, raise eyebrows and apply a mask for the girl.

Those are simple steps in the care process. If customers have more advanced needs, you will introduce them to the spa's services. Women who know how to love themselves will never let themselves become ugly. We will enjoy a lot of those exciting games together now. The gameplay is simple, you will practice according to the instructions. Play and relax in this game. Learn more beauty experiences when entering some other games similar to Billionaire Wife Dress Up and Fresh Spring Style

Instruction to play

Touch the screen to play.