Bridge Legends Online

A bridge under construction is unfinished. Let's do the rest with the guy to ensure easier travel. All those exciting experiences will be available in the online game Bridge Legends Online. Ready to join the game and will reveal a lot of interesting things. Are you ready to start those experiences? Imagine you will be the bridge technician, you need to research how to be able to build strong bridges.

It's time to build a bridge connecting the love of a couple in the online game Bridge Legends Online. How will you do it? Can the bridge be kept? Use a variety of tools like wood, solid pieces, gouache, and others to make the bridge stronger and improve many ways to avoid deadly falls. On the screen will be a graphic for the unfinished bridge. On that river must build a bridge to be able to cross.

The game will present wooden puzzle pieces, pigments, and other objects you will look up at the bridge to see the empty pieces and put them together to match and fend off the loss. Must be assembled in the right position for the boy to walk safely when crossing the other shore. Everything will be stable and each level will be newer bridge-building techniques. Let's wait for the other shore a true love. Complete all the puzzles at each level. Collect the most points and coins to unlock new avatars for your character.

The game has many levels. How many levels will you pass? All thanks to your ingenuity. Help the couple get together and experience lots of fun. It's great if you join some other games similar to Adam And Eve Go 3.

Instruction to play

Drag objects with a mouse or by touching the screen.