World Wars 1991

Use your tanks as battle weapons and destroy your opponents in a tense battle that's only available in the game World Wars 1991. At the beginning of the game, you will be in a maze. Your goal is to break all the walls to make way and kill the opponents. They also have weapons and are very crowded. So you need to have a strategy in this game. Leave places where you can hide when you are in danger. Get out if you see a chance and safety.

Shoot lots of them to get rid of them. But you need to be quick to react quickly when you meet your opponent. As long as you are slow, you will have to stop the game at any time. Go to the enemy base places and destroy them all. Shoot as much as you can in a very powerful battle in this game. In this game, you absolutely can play with your friends or play alone. Concentrate so you don't get shot at any time.

Attack them before they kill you. Would you like to experience more challenges in the game World Wars 1991. Why an engaging fighting game you don't invite your friends to participate in this game to share the many interesting things that you have to join together in a fight to fight the evil opponents. There are also countless fighting games that you have not challenged yourself similar to Winter Clash 3D and AFK HEROES 

Instruction to play

Use the arrow keys to be able to control your tank.