Plug Head 3D

If you want to conquer the surprises in the game chase the plugs. All will be in the Plug Head 3D online game. Invite your friends to experience it now so you can have moments of relaxation and fun. Start experiencing now and have the fun in life. The game has fun, relaxing gameplay. You will be satisfied with all of that. Would you like to get started? What rules in the game should be paid attention to. On the screen will be the adventure of the very interesting plug. You will control your plug character to move on a path full of obstacles.

Your task will have to integrate the plugs into the sockets on the slide to increase its energy. The more you integrate, the more you will have the opportunity to go further. All that fun will be present in the Plug Head 3D online game at You have to run to the finish line while collecting electrical energy items. Except for the clean exit bridge, all obstacles will consume your electrical energy with different numbers and colors.

Glad you will complete all the levels and have fun! You will be running fast to properly integrate the sockets. You need to be very careful to see where the sockets are. You can do that task well. Once integrated and obtained certain energies. You can touch the energy socket to clear it and pass to other locations. How far will you race? How much energy will you collect.

With fun and cute designs. The game will not be boring and you will feel excited. Start with the interesting things. Explore now and pass every difficulty level. Play and share the fun with friends. You can play some other games similar to Jewels Blitz 4.

Instruction to play

Use mouse or touch the screen.