Tailed Monsters

A fun puzzle game with a snake monster. The logical snake can replace puzzles and board tasks. Don't miss the opportunity to join the online game Tailed Monsters Puzzle at Kizi fun game. You will feel a lot of fun and excitement while playing this game. We start with something new. Fascinated as soon as you play! Puzzle game. Games for adults and children. Cute game for the development of intelligence. Games for boys and girls. Best brain training game in 2022!

There will be many icons for you to directly participate in playing such as snakes, monsters.... This is a very attractive puzzle game for young people. You will be starting with a lot of new and new things. We will finish the levels the fastest. Join us to discover puzzles when participating in the online game Tailed Monsters Puzzle. Feel a lot of fun and attractive. How to win this game?

Together we will discover and conquer all things. Drag the snake monsters by head or tail so that each one is in the correct position. Use your finger or mouse pointer to move the monsters around the field. Are you ready to start those things? We will completely be able to discover all those interesting things right from the first play. You will have steps to conquer very unique challenges. What are you waiting for?

Let's start from simple levels and increase to more complex. Experience lots of fun and unique things. You need to use your ingenuity when playing. If you are still wondering how to experience all the levels, play calmly and accurately. Enjoy some more games similar to Huggy Love and Rescue

Instruction to play

Touch the screen or use the mouse to play.