Pizza Maker

Make a delicious pizza, bake it in the oven and have fun cutting it! Create your delicious pizza and make this experience engaging. Unleash your creativity - choose from a variety of ingredients and create the pizza you like in the Pizza Maker online game at kizi girl cooking games. Join now for a relaxing and enjoyable time in life. You will have a chance to practice becoming the boss of a special pizza shop. The cakes will be loved by many people? Interestingly, right? And baking is also very enjoyable.

Let's start with our cake preparation. First, you will prepare the crust. The ingredients are ready, your task is to put everything in the bowl such as water, sugar, salt, flour, a little oil. All use spoon to mix well. Then use a tool to knead the dough very softly, after a while they will be more silk. You continue to make a filling including tomato, butter, cheese, sugar ... many more things, you follow the instructions.

Put everything in a pan and cook to create a paste and then spread it over the crust. Please decorate the cake and many accessories to make a delicious cake. You will completely feel very happy when participating in this game. Do you want to experience the feeling of becoming a chef?

There will be many more wonderful and interesting things. You will design a lot of delicious and famous pizza. Let's discover the great thing in online game Pizza Maker. It's great if you join some other similar games Funny Rescue Carpenter and Superhero Violet Fashion Shoot

Instruction to play