Mini Dash

If you love obstacle course games. You can try your hand at the Mini Dash. Conquer all challenges to have a more relaxing time. Find the perfect obstacle avoidance skill. Looking for a very lovely and engaging story. A little speck is stuck in the maze. He wanted to find a way to escape, but he didn't know the way out. Are you ready to experience and find the exit door with your uncle?

You will become a very attractive hero. We will be in the game really attractive. Mini Dash is a new stylish platform game where you command a small speckled character. Use your aerial launching skills to dodge obstacles and collect level coins. Enjoy the fun when you join the Mini Dash online. You will use the actions together to play. Launch technique in space to start a new journey. Do you want to experience more levels of this game?

Launch yourself in the air towards the obstacles. They will be captured by you. Just like that when you conquer all the obstacles and keep an eye on the stopwatch. You will play when the clock stops and the game is over. You need to be quick to finish early and get a high score. Do you want to start the game right now? Together we will explore and play effectively.

Complete the levels quickly. It all depends on your ingenuity. Are you ready to start the game now? If you love it, you can join some other games like it Awesome Run 2

Instruction to play

Use X to jump and the right mouse to launch in space.