Galaxy Attack Virus Shooter

Drive your superhero spaceship and make some combo weapons then destroy all these dangerous viruses. What do you hesitate? This is a good opportunity for you to take up the challenge Galaxy Attack Virus Shooter at Kizi online games. There will be a lot of viruses falling from the sky. It is going with a large number. You need to use your warship to fight all the viruses that invade the earth.

To disappear all the viruses you develop your weapons. Move the ship and shoot to destroy all these viruses. You will get yourself a high amount of money every time you kill them. But you also be careful because they have countless challenges and traps that are deadly and difficult for you. She tries to focus on the game to collect as much money to buy upgraded weapons as possible. Because the only weapon that can be tested against are these monstrous viruses.

Later, the number of viruses will increase. You need to shoot your gun very focused and watch to avoid the attack of the enemy and pay attention to keep your ship safe. There are super dangerous viruses you need to avoid at any time. Just touch them and you have to stop the game immediately. Let's welcome a lot of fun as well as challenges when participating in the game Galaxy Attack Virus Shooter at Don't keep the game to yourself but share it with all your friends.

Join your friends to transform into ships with supernatural powers against all the most shocking armies. You can take part in a few other fun train driving games like Zombie Shooters

Instruction to play

Use your mouse to control your ship to fight safely.