Soldier Bridge

Discover new things right in the online game Soldier Bridge. Which bridges are built on high cliffs? It sounds really strange, right? There is a police guy on duty. He was stuck on a ledge. He doesn't know how to overcome it. Are you willing to help him or not? You will do good things when you join this game. You will love it the first time you play it. New things will fascinate you. You will feel very excited.

We will step into challenges. Ready? Enjoy it now. Do you want to climb high? To make the transition, the hero will use a solid stick as a temporary bridge. You must carefully adjust the length of the stick, it must be completely accurate so that fighters do not fall into the abyss in Bridge soldier game. The game requires you to solve funny puzzles. But how to overcome this game?

You will have to learn to estimate. Observe the distance between two cliffs to know how much the bridge is to estimate it. You will have a great experience. Click to determine the length of the bridge. If you build the right length, the policeman will live. On the contrary, if the construction is insufficient or redundant, the police will fall into a deep abyss. You will have to play again from the beginning.

The forging game gives you patience, you may have to play it over and over again because of the wrong estimation. Start playing the online game Soldier Bridge now. You will feel like and want to play some other games similar to Hero Knight Action RPG and Battalion Commander

Instruction to play

Use mouse to play.