Hero Knight Action RPG

Huge surprises will await you in the online game Hero Knight Action RPG at kizi 2 unblocked. Have you ever played similar games? This game has a lot of new things. If you love it. You can join whenever you desire. You start playing now. You will love it from the first time you play. What are you waiting for? You will discover the rules of the game with us. Defeat monsters along the way with your sword and magic!

Level up as you gain experience, Collect gold and gems, increase your attributes and skills. If you meet the secret boss during your adventure, You will face a powerful firebird, If you win, you can become the legendary Fire Knight! You will travel on a long journey full of dangers. You have been warned against enemy positions that are invading. They are very crowded and powerful. Some move underground. Some fly in the air.

Try to approach and slash all those bad guys, do not let them close to you. You will be eaten and lost. The journey is very far and dangerous. You need to collect gold and gemstones to be able to buy superstar features of a magic sword, you will defeat the enemy easier. You will cross the forest, cross the sea to continue the journey. Each geographic location will have different animals. You have to win and go to the farthest distance.

Graphic design vivid, you will get lost in the battle with magic swords. If you love this game, you can join some other games similar to Catch The Thief 3D at action-games

Instruction to play

Mouse to shoot, AS to restore.