ABC Game

English is an extremely difficult subject, so for young children, learning and playing together is a great thing. Try to bring you all the relaxing moments as well as conquer thousands of interesting English words in this game ABC Game at Kizi online 2 player. The game will give English words then you need to choose the meaning of that word in the images below. 3 or 4 images will appear.

You need to find the most accurate picture. In the game given by apple, you need to find out which image has an apple. Interesting isn't it? Similarly, you can make tons of other interesting English words and learn. You just need to eat focus and use your smart brain in this game. Use your memory to remember which picture best represents the words. If you don't know, you can completely learn after each level. Pass you will know which is the best answer. Then use a bunch of his intelligence to memorize the same.

You can already learn an English word. Interesting isn't it? Don't miss this game you will be able to learn and useful English words that you can use in your study. The combination of learning and playing is a great game genre ABC Game that is not easy to find. You should not miss this opportunity.

Don't keep the game to yourself, let's share this great game genre with all your friends so that together can learn and have fun. Join a few other similar types of fun learning games like Fail Run

Instruction to play

Use the mouse to work out all the correct images.