Escape from Blue Monster

The humongous Blue Monster wants to spontaneously grab you in its forelegs but instead hug you! But you really do not want this because cute bear has a stomach full of tiny teeth. As a result, accumulate food, eat it, and endeavor to flee the Blue Monster; however, avoid coming into contact with the balls, since they will slow you down for a while! Gather up as much food that you can while avoiding the balls but instead running away from Blue Monster!

Consumer buying bombs mostly in shops that can spontaneously combust nearby pieces and stun the Blue Monster. You can indeed consider purchasing a rage knife, which guarantees you invulnerability for something like a short time . it allows you to cut through any obstruction in your path, including the Blue Monster!

Kids of all ages have fallen in love with this addictive and continuous gameplay, therefore, take some time off to enjoy more high-quality game like Vex 7

Instruction to play

Mouse (or motion joystick on mobile devices) - movement. Z - use a bomb. X - use the knife of rage.