If your kind of favorite game is the newly developed arcade game type, don't miss out on This is a free game with one of the top 3D art animation for penguins lovers. You will get to move like a penguin in the icy world and carry out the tasks to move onto the higher level. As an emulative penguin, the main job that you are going to do is to claim the ownership of the territory while the floating ice is melting.

Can you take advantage of your penguin companions and build a team to survive? By diving around, you will be able to enjoy the sunlight on this floating ice for a while. As the ice is melting fast, you should prepare to push the others of your territory soon. The missions for each stage are totally different, therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to the requirements and the surroundings of the game.

Since it's a simulator game, there will be 3D graphics, interactive features and well-designed challenges for kids of all ages. Don't miss out the chance to interact with the cutest penguins on ice while performing dance moves and cute flapping motions to impress your chosen ones!

It's a simple game that has been rated with stars by players from all around the world. Keep up with the latest trends in io games such as and Multiplayer

Instruction to play

move and interact with the penguins using the mouse.