Elsa First Bad Girls Tryout

Are you too bored with old games? If so, please come and start now with the game Elsa First Bad Girl Tryout at Kizi 2 games. You can play this game for free on your computer or mobile phone. Elsa is a princess and she is bored with those things. She is trying to break down and wants to live a more personality life? Today is a day off and she decided to change. Can you help her?

What she wanted to change first was the hairstyle, so wash her hair and then style, dry and choose her hair color. What color is most suitable for you? Yellow or red? Then choose a suitable location to give her a tattoo. Next, you will choose a beautiful tattoo and start your mission.

Wipe the skin area for tattooing, then mold and paint the contours. Your last task is to choose for her the outfit with many outstanding personalities. First, choose dresses, hats, jewelry, belts, and shoes. She looked so beautiful and so personality! You have also completed the tasks that the game offers. I'm sure she is also very pleased with what you choose.

Let's enjoy a new game genre in the game Elsa First Bad Girl Tryout at https://kizigames.games/. Don't keep it to yourself, share the interesting thing you get from the game for your friends and invite your friends to join the game right away to have a chance to break yourself. If you are interested in this kind of game, you can completely join some other similar games Mermaid Princess and About Eliza's Summer Cruise

Instruction to play

using the mouse to play