Master Thief

Stealing items, paintings to become the winning player is only in the game Master Thief. Interestingly, right? Start right now! More fun! This is a free online game that you can fully explore on your computer or mobile phone. The core of the game lies in whether you will steal a picture or other objects and then go to where the friend and the two escape. But where you will have the police, guard patrol around so you need to dodge from their pursuit. Are you confident with this task?

Run fast and be smart so you don't get caught. Stealing pictures quickly from this dangerous. Countless objects are waiting for you to come and get them. Experience with even more levels of the game. Use your observation and ingenuity to complete the mission of this game. Discover the most intense quests ever.

Easily get the item you want with your skills. If you pass all the levels you will become the leader of this game. Lots of cool things are waiting for you behind the unlock. Glide quickly and free yourself in these observing eyes.

Much more surprises in the game Master Thief. Such a great game you should share with your friends and invite your friends to join right now to play the game together to turn into professional thieves that break every century continent ever. If you are passionate about this game genre, let's challenge yourself into some other interesting game genres like Black Away and Off The Hook 2 

Instruction to play

Use the mouse to be able to steal everything.