Monster School Challenge 3

Monster School Challenge 3 is the third installment in Noob's popular Minecraft Games series. Total Monster School 3 challenge, where Herobrine teaching assistant will teach craftman, pigman, noob, pro, girl, zombie, and others. Minecraft-style pixel art game. Accomplish this thrilling adventure. Let's enjoy a ride!

The first instruction you will have is drawing, n't yet regular drawing, but drawing a road as for Noob to take over through the pits and numerous different other obstacles and dangers, and this is only the beginning.

More or less every new challenge has a different arrangement that is taught to you when you proceed, so follow the instructions to start by giving your best effort and experience the most fun with this game. This also teaches you about the various Minecraft Monsters and how to push them when absolutely required.

Introduce this game to your friends and invite your friends to join the game now. Why don't you experience adding some other interesting game genres like Monster School Challenge 2

Instruction to play

Click left mouse button to play Pass the assessment challenges and become a real pro in monster shool.