Flip Jump Race 3D

Flip Jump Race 3D is an enthralling platform jumping game that you can play here. In game, you have  to hop from one point to another while performing cool backflips. This game will push your jumping precision to new heights, so brace yourself for a true test.

In each stage, you must perform flawless hops and ground on the platform's bullseye. Because your character decides to jump automatically, your mission would be to wait for someone like him to look in the right direction before jumping to the next platform. Do you believe you can complete each level without falling? Have fun playing Flip Jump Race 3D, a free online game!

The game has a lot of novelties, let's explore all of them. The game with vivid graphic design and great sound will make players excited. Let's explore some other games similar to Tap on Time!.

Instruction to play

Click and hold the mouse to advance, and drag to change direction.