Sniper King 2D: The Dark City

Sniper King 2D: The Dark City is considered one of the best new sniper games where you aim to become precisely that, a king of snipers, and that's a solider who follows his orders perfectly and only shoots down the targets given to them, which is exactly what researchers invite us and to do straight now and here!

You will have severely restricted sight with your scope, only through everything, the rest being dark, and you must make the first click to take control within every level. You'll be told which target individuals need to shoot at. But maybe a guard, a giggling colonel, or perhaps you must shoot only items or just not people.

If you try to emulate the commands correct way and hit your specific goals with as few shots as feasible, you will not only accomplish the level but also receive three out of three stars, which is what you should try so hard for in all 30 levels, no matter how challenging individuals become. We do not have to tell you this, and even though your bullet number is limited on every level.

You will bring yourself along with your friends to participate in this game to share moments of yourself becoming an alien accomplishing the most refreshing goal. Enjoy a few more similar alien game genres like Tank Wars

Instruction to play