Smoothie Maker

Do you want to try and play the staff of a smoothie shop? You will have lots of opportunities to experience a lot of fun when participating in the online game Smoothie Maker. You will love the game right the first time playing. What are you waiting for? Start exploring all the fun things about joining this game. You will feel very relaxed and happy. Have lots of fun while playing this game.

Be creative and have FUN making healthy, delicious and colorful smoothies! Decorate them, serve them to your friends. A few friends are looking for a fruit smoothie. They want to be served by you. Are you willing to do that? They will make several vitamins requirements. They love different fruit smoothies, paired with cream or dairy. Your task must fulfill those requirements. They will give you a certain amount of time.

During that time, you will select all the fruits and ingredients you need, put them all in the nesting machine. When you're done, offer them a delicious fruit smoothie. The same goes for the different guests. Each person will have different tastes. You need to hurry to process the smoothies as required. The work will be quite hard because you will always limbs. You must also observe what the customer requests. The shop is very crowded, your business is quite convenient. Use that to motivate yourself.

Graphic design vivid, the smoothies delicious. Do not miss the opportunity to participate in the online game Smoothie Maker. If you love it, you can play some other similar games Laser Maker and Rope Slash

Instruction to play

Use mouse to play game.