Money Movers 1

These two criminals need your help. Please join now in the game Money Movers 1 to be able to help them accomplish their goals. This is a prison where two criminals are trying to steal all the money bags in the prison go out in front of the door to escape. This is a free online game and you can fully play on your computer and mobile phone without having to pay for anything. You will need to control two criminals at a time.

Please observe and control well because there will be cops as well as obstacles to obstruct your path. Steal lots of money bags then escape prison with your wisdom. Don't get caught this badly, you’re gonna end the game. How many levels of the game can you win?

The game does not require not only observation skills but also requires you a mind. Think about which way you can meet the money while escaping from prison and not being arrested. Luck will smile at you as you gain the skills. Here the guard is very strict, try not to be caught by security. You are lucky to join the mission of the game. Unlock countless interesting things ahead in the game's mission.

You should not keep this game Money Movers 1 to yourself please share it with your friends. Together with your friends join now on the game to become the best thieves ever. Let’s allow you to participate in a few other similar game genres like Angry Zombies  

Instruction to play

Use the WASD keys, the arrow keys to get control over the player.