Unicorn Slime Cooking 2

Unicorn Slime Cooking 2 is an addictive baking game that you can play for free in your browsers. With graphic design with the same characteristics, vivid sound. I am sure that you will be excited about the first time you join. When entering the game there will be 3 tasks that you need to complete. That's you have to create three different cakes. Let's start with the first pie. Cut it all and then put it on a big tray. Next stir well and shape. Your next task is to create a color for the cake. Does purple fit it? Depending on your preference choose what you feel best suits. After that, we will go to the decoration section. There are lots of different shapes and accessories.

Choose something you feel most comfortable with. Completed the first cake and will continue to do the same with the second and third pie. Make each cake a different color and decoration. She will certainly be extremely satisfied with what you have done. This cooking game will not make you difficult, right? As long as you have concentration and skillful hands. You will win the challenge that the game offers. What are you hesitant about without discovering many great things that the game Unicorn Slime Cooking 2 brings. Invite your friends to join now to be able to test the skill of cooking skillfully. It's great if you challenge yourself to join some other game genres like Princess Ariel Breakfast Cooking 3 and Babysitter Crazy Daycare 

Instruction to play

Use mouse to be able to complete the challenge of the game.