Traffic Control

Many players will often get confused when playing Traffic Control for the first time because they assume it is a driving game. However, this is a traffic control game and your role as a professional traffic cop. Your task is to control moving cars on the road and avoid creating collisions along the way. One thing that is difficult for you is that these cars will move continuously at a fast speed and in all directions.

You may find it difficult to see and control these cars. So, your task is to observe carefully and control the car to follow fixed directions to avoid creating collisions on the road. One tip for you is to observe the arrows that appear on the screen in Traffic Control. This is a warning sign that a car is about to appear. So you can drive other cars and take the initiative to navigate traffic in a safe way. With each level, you will have a specific requirement for the number of points to be able to pass.

So you have to watch closely and drive carefully to get as many points as possible to finish each round in the shortest time. You should notice that the speed of the game will increase significantly at higher levels. You will have to constantly watch carefully and control fast cars everywhere. I bet you will enjoy Traffic Control and love to play over and over again because of the new genre.

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Instruction to play

Use your mouse to control the car or tap on the screen.