Team Kaboom

The newest kizi games shooter has been updated. Watch out for soldiers! Your goal is to kill the enemy and avoid being killed. They can appear everywhere. What defensive and combat abilities did you use to join this war? Avoid letting the enemy escape! If they escape, they will come back faster and stronger. Therefore, you must fight and shoot the most accurately to destroy all enemies that appear in this online game. With 3 different maps and 5 interesting characters, players are free to explore the game.

Each character holds a weapon with different powers. Fight like a real hero and attack any opponent right now. Who will become the best player? Every gunman has tips on how to move and fight to win the game. The enemy moves from above. The player can either jump to the highest height or stand on the last rank. Please stand below to easily destroy the enemy. If you get on the first step, they will probably destroy you quickly. There are many ways to play shared by players. Try to win your special moment. Destroy the first shooters you see before they get more and more crowded.

Find the best spot to take them out if you don't want to be caught or hit. What is your favorite moment when you join this game? The mystery of joining this game will make you overcome all challenges. A catastrophic war is waiting for you. Destroy all opponents with the most accurate shots and become the first sniper to win. Some other shooting games we recommend like Zombie Shooters and Galaxy Attack Virus Shooter. Share with your friends.

Instruction to play

Arrow keys to move, X to jump, and C to shoot