Hidden Animals

If you want to check if your eyes are agile or not? You and your friends discover the online game Hidden Animals. You will have the opportunity to play and conquer many different levels. Let's play together and don't hesitate to show your agility. You will have interesting playmates. The rule is very simple. The animals hide in the deep forest, they will hide behind the trees, rocks, or under the streams....

You just need to look closely and click on the location where they are hiding. Just like that when you find enough quantity. But you need to pay attention, every time you find the wrong you press the wrong one, and you will be deducted points. That requires you to look exactly, not in a hurry to decide. We will be in the online game Hidden Animals challenging. Let's start sharing the joy with your friends.

Hidden Animals is a skill-based puzzle game where you need to find all the hidden animals in the jungle. You need to complete all 8 challenging levels to win this game. You will challenge each other in many levels to show your sharpness. Very eye-catching graphics, and simple gameplay. When participating in this game you will be entertained and relaxed. You will not be pressured when playing. Together we will play and conquer many challenges.

You will test your eyesight, test your agility when manipulating to find the animals. Animals hiding under the green foliage will not cause you any difficulty. If you love this game, you can play some other games similar to Draw Fighter 3D.

Instruction to play

Use the mouse to join the game.